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Three pillars of Aloha Protocol

1. Node Operators
How to Monetize Your Data or Model as an AI Node Operator
Operators earn rewards for top-quality services to apps, facing penalties for underperformance. Join us to deliver excellence and be rewarded.
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Write to us at: Sri@AlohaProtocol.ai
2. AI App Developers
Leverage Aloha Protocol's AI Consensus Mechanisms
Developers pay for AI node services and earn rewards based on usage and performance. Start your AI Apps today!
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Write to us at: Sri@AlohaProtocol.ai
3. Community
How Community Members Can Earn Tokens by Evaluating AI Output
As valued members of our community, you have the opportunity to earn tokens for each evaluation you successfully complete. Your contributions play a vital role in our platform's success, and we appreciate your dedication. By consistently providing valuable feedback and insights, you not only help improve AI technologies but also earn rewards for your efforts.
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Why Aloha Protocol

AI Inferences are Prone to Inaccuracies
High-stakes industries like medicine, finance and defense risk losing trillions of dollars due to AI inaccuracies.
Blockchain Consensus to the Rescue
Aloha Protocol creates blockchain based consensus between outputs of multiple AIs.
Aloha Ecosystem
Aloha Tokens are used as utility tokens with economic incentives.

Use of Blockchain

Built on top of Ethereum using ZK Rollups and smart contracts.
blockchainblockchain image
Blockchain Security and Rewards for third party participation.
blockchain imageBlockchain image 2
On-chain Reputation of nodes ensures quality and trustlessness.
blockchain image
ZK Proofs ensure data privacy and provenances
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Expert RLHF-- Human Feedback for AI training for incentives to eliminate bias.